Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anti-Bully Show at 2 local schools

These next pictures are from 2 local schools that offer after school programming for the kiddos.  Also, on days when there are no school, they have 'all-day' care, called ACES.

I presented a portion of my new 'anti-bully' show.

Daisy learned that calling the kids 'stinkers' is a form of being a bully!

We used balloons to show how we can take the 'power' away from the bully and give it to the one who is being bullied!  Soooo cool!!
Harry didn't feel good about himself because he was being bullied.

The kids shouted "You can do it, Harry!"  He learned how to stand up to the bully and to feel good about himself!

What does a person who helps the bullied kid look like?  Don't know?  Neither did, with a little help from the audience, we created 'that' person!  Surprise!  It looks like any one of us!

The kids went away knowing that they can take away the POWER from bullies and stand up for themselves!  Yeah!

Many more smiles!

Shari Ellingson

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