Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Reading Program Find!

I just have to share this exciting find that I bought last week at a Thrift Store in the Twin Cities!  I was so excited and right away, thought about the Summer Reading Program for libraries.

Here it is:

I Love it!  I Love it!  I Love it!

This year, the theme is "One World, Many Stories"!
What a better way to explore the world, but by traveling with a suitcase???  Did I mention that I LOVE it!

Many more smiles,

Shari Ellingson

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mankato UPC Construction Zone Children's Service

The end of March, Pastor Cox and I ministered together at our church in Mankato, MN!  It was a blast!  Our theme was "Caution:  Construction Zone"

The picture below is of Daisy and myself.
Daisy is singing "He's still workin' on Me"!

I sure am glad that you can't see me very well in that hard hat!  I look pretty silly!  Come to think of it, maybe everyone was laughing at how I looked, and not Daisy!  LOL!

Daycare show pictures!

Here are some of the promised pictures:

Thanks again, Gaelynne, for a great day!

Many more smiles!

Shari Ellingson

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Shows

Today, was a fantastic show in Jackson, MN at the First Baptist Church.  My puppet friends, Bubba, Daisy and Sweet Pea helped to review the Bible verses the kids in their Awanas Program had been learning. 

My cousin, Sonja, invited me and this is what she says:

"Thanks for the great presentation this morning at First Baptist Church, Jackson! I know the children will be asking for another visit soon!"   (via Facebook)

Yesterday afternoon, I was at a home daycare in Lake Wilson, MN.  The kids were great!  And that's what the kids learned..."I am GREAT!"  (no not me...the KIDS are GREAT!)All about self-esteem!  Here is what Gaelynne Vander Bosch, the day-care provider says:

Gaelynne wrote:
"I just wanted to say again how much we LOVED the show!  The daycare kids are still talking about it!  And my stomach just ached from laughing so hard!  I really hope I can get you back down this area again!  You were fabulous!  Even my husband couldn't stop talking
about how wonderful you did!"   (via Facebook)

I WILL post pictures about these shows when I get them!  Thank you to Sonja Koch and Gaelynne Vander Bosch for a wonderful weekend!  I am soooo blessed!

Many more smiles!

Shari Ellingson

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anti-Bully Show at 2 local schools

These next pictures are from 2 local schools that offer after school programming for the kiddos.  Also, on days when there are no school, they have 'all-day' care, called ACES.

I presented a portion of my new 'anti-bully' show.

Daisy learned that calling the kids 'stinkers' is a form of being a bully!

We used balloons to show how we can take the 'power' away from the bully and give it to the one who is being bullied!  Soooo cool!!
Harry didn't feel good about himself because he was being bullied.

The kids shouted "You can do it, Harry!"  He learned how to stand up to the bully and to feel good about himself!

What does a person who helps the bullied kid look like?  Don't know?  Neither did we...so, with a little help from the audience, we created 'that' person!  Surprise!  It looks like any one of us!

The kids went away knowing that they can take away the POWER from bullies and stand up for themselves!  Yeah!

Many more smiles!

Shari Ellingson

MOPS Fundraiser

I was asked to do a couple of performances for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) for their fundraiser.  Here are some pictures from that event.

I also tied balloons (animals, flowers, swords, swords...did I say 'swords'???).  I was scheduled for 2 hours, but was there for over 3!!  Over-all, it was a fantastic evening!

Many more smiles!

Shari Ellingson

New Happenings!

So much has been happening with Gator Alley & Co. lately!  I just have to share it with you!

I've had new promotional pictures taken by David Tapia Photography.

Gator Alley & Co.

Daisy, Shari and Bubba



These are just a few of them...I hope you like them as much as I do!

Many more smiles!

Shari Ellingson